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Pipe Repair Clamps

SYDDAL Wraparound Clamps

The SYDDAL WRAPAROUND clamp is a single section repair clamp which provides an economic and permanent method of repairing damaged pipes, from pin-hole leaks to full 360° circumferential breaks. The clamp is lightweight and easy to handle and is available in a wide range of sizes.

All Syddal clamps feature a well proven WAFFLE GASKET, the fine ridges of which mould themselves to cracks and irregularities in the damaged pipe ensuring a reliable and permanent repair.

Key features of the SYDDAL WRAPAROUND clamp include:

" Lightweight, stainless steel body
" Clamp supplied complete and ready to fit.
" Suitable for steel, spun iron, cast iron, ductile iron or asbestos cement pipes
" Waffle gasket resists climatic conditions, petrol, oil, gas and water
" Gasket is glued in correct position for ease of installation
" Gasket approved for use with potable water (WRAS approval - EPDM type)
" Captive bolts eliminate loose parts
" Self-stabilising finger brackets to prevent bolt bending
" Corrosion proof

Clamps with sizes and seals for Wastewater listed below, if you require alternative sizes with appropriate seals for different fluids please ring or email to check availability and prices.