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Video drain mirror for inspecting the operating condition of the

pipes, drains, shafts and filters without the inspection staff having

to enter these elements.

Complete set comprising a manually swivelling colour camera

with a motor-zoom lens on a telescope rod (8 m),

4 LED lights, laser distance sensor 10 m, operating unit with a

neck strap, 6.4" TFT screen (suitable for use in daylight), joystick

to steer the camera, standard video output, image storage on a

PC/ notebook via USB and supplied recording software

Techn. data:

Camera unit


Video camera 795x596, 22x opt. / 10x dig. zoom


4 lights, each with 3 high-power LED spotlights


Laser distance sensor 10 m for measuring tanks



Camera can be rotated manually by 360°, 90° swivel


Protection level of the camera unit IP 67 / no exprotection


The cameral unit cable is 10 m long



Telescope rod 8 m, spherical head adapter can be


positioning in the centre of the pipe DN200-DN800

Operating unit

Settable, spring-loaded supporting foot for exact


Sturdy standard operating unit with neck strap


manual) via a joystick, LED lights can be switched in


Integrated TFT is steered (zoom, focus automatic /


Distance display for laser distance sensor


Power supply 230 V AC via a mains adapter


Data output USB 2.0 for PC connection


Standard video output BNC for external recorder


digital videos and photos

Delivery scope:

Delivery incl. recording and processing software for


Camera unit complete with supporting foot


PC software for storing images and videos

Operating unit incl. power pack 230 V AC, USB cable,


Telescope rod 8 m


Information for use / warnings:

The camera system STV-2 does not have an ex-protection

approval, i.e. it may never be used in hazardous areas containing

inflammable gases. Tank and pipe systems in which inflammable

substances have been stored or transported or wherever it

cannot be ruled out that inflammable gas mixes may develop,

must be emptied, cleaned and blocked off on the inlet side; if

necessary the air should be exchanged by means of a suitable

ventilation system.

Transport case for camera and operating unit


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