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Manhole Cover Hand Keys and Hooks

Manhole Cover Hand Keys and Hooks

Wardsflex manhole keys and hooks are manufactured to a high standard using one or a combination of the following methods:

- Forged from a single piece of steel
- Cast as a one piece key
- Formed from single length of steel bar
- Specialist keys may be welded in places
- All loop handles are welded closed to remove the risk of pinch injuries

The style of any manhole cover to be lifted, personal preference and budget may be factors influencing choice when buying manhole lifting keys. However Wardsflex manufacture the most popular keys in a range of handle styles and length as Health and Safety evidence suggests that safe lifting can be improved by selecting the appropriate keys for the end user.

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Starter Hand Key Set
540mm Tall Manhole Cover Hand Keys
Draper 130mm Tall Manhole Cover Hand Keys
100mm Tall Manhole Cover Hand Keys
510mm Tall Manhole Cover Hand Hooks
660mm Tall Gulley Hook
315mm Tall Bale Hook
Multi-Tip Manhole Lifting Key - 600mm
Universal Manhole Cover Seal Breaker
Sewer Chisel (soft)
Sewer Wedge
Bi-Peg Security Manhole Key
Booster Tip Set for Interchagable Keys
Long Handle Gatic Manhole Cover Keys
Tri-Tip Security Manhle Key