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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 products

Parker Two-circuit piston pump F2-53/53-R

When the hydraulic system is properly designed, the dual-circuit pump offers the advantage of three different flow rates at the same engine speed.
The two-circuit pump allows optimisation of the hydraulic system and offers the following advantages:
• Reduced energy consumption
• Reduced risk of overheating
• Low weight
• Easy installation
• Standardised system solutions.

The dual-circuit pump allows two operating functions to be operated independently, allowing faster and more accurate operation. Certain applications require a large and a small flow rate or two equally large flow rates.
The two-circuit pump is the right solution in both cases. It is also possible to use only one flow of the pump at high working pressure. In the event of a pressure drop, the flow of the second circuit can be engaged. This prevents overloading of the auxiliary drive and at the same time achieves optimum function.

Parker Bypass valve BPV-F2 24VDC

The bypass valve connects the suction and pressure connections of the pump. Only a small amount of oil flows through the system to the tank.

The valve is connected to the pump suction port with banjo connections to the pressure port or with a spacer bushing and 2 Allen screws

The symmetrical valve can be turned 180° to prevent contact with chassis parts. It is suitable for left- and right-turning pumps.

The bypass valve can only be activated and deactivated when the system is unloaded (working pressure below 20 bar) (by means of the 24 solenoid valve).

To ensure a cooling flow through the hydraulic circuit, the leak-oil connection must be connected to BPV-F2 and routed directly to the tank.

Before the suction connection is installed, the two pressure connections must be screwed in.(tightening torque 50 Nm)

This control valve is specifically designed for use with a hose reel, the valve has three positions neutral, forward, reverse =

The built in flow control allows the user to control the speed in which the hose reel is hydraulically driven in/out. 

4 Bank Valve

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4 Bank Valve

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4 Bank Hydraulic Spool Valve used ont he later Fuller Tanker Vehicles to operate the door and tipping and auxiliary service .I.E Reels etc 

swivel coupling only

3/4" Swivel only

1" swivel only

25mm (1"x 1") Fitting - Male

25mm (1" x 1.1/4") Fitting - Male

3/8" BSP 35 lpm Dual Pilot op check valve

 Dual X-line Relief Valve


  • Solenoid coil
  • Excludes connector

12 volt EC9BER12 Solenoid Coil

  • Solenoid coil
  • Excludes connector